The referring physician may refer patients to any of our medical office locations for consultations regarding a potential sleep disorder. Patients may also be sent as a direct referral and the results of their study will be forwarded.

In order to send a direct referral patient:
1. Print, complete, and fax a Physician Referral Form to WRSC at
2. One of our medical directors will review the form and approve the sleep study or
3. WRSC will contact you for additional patient information.
4. The patient will be contacted by WRSC staff, insurance will be verified, and                   then will be scheduled for the appropriate study. 

All of our patients, as a preliminary evaluation, are sent a multi-page sleep questionnaire, inclusive of depression, anxiety, and Epworth Sleepiness Scale.

If interested please contact our Technical Director, Siarhei Ramaniuk, with any questions you may have regarding the technical aspects of patient studies at 216-267-5933.

Please contact one of our medical directors:
         Paul C. Venizelos, MD, FCCP
         (440) 835-6163

         Linas F. Vaitkus, M.D.
         (440) 826-3030

Both are AASM Board Certified Sleep Specialists

Referring Physicians
"Accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine since 1994."