1. Do I take my medication?
Yes, take everything prescribed by your physician unless instructed otherwise by the sleep physician.

2. Can I bring my pillow?
No, we supply all bed linens.

3. What time will I leave the facility in the morning?
The technologists will wake you anywhere between 5:00 am and 5:30 am. Once you dress and fill out the paperwork you can leave.

4. Does this need to be precertified or predetermined by my insurance company?
We call to verify eligibility before your scheduled appointment. Usually precertification or predetermination is not required. If your insurance company does require predetermination or precertification we will do this as a courtesy.

5. Should I eat dinner?
Dinner is fine. The only stimulant we request that you monitor on the day of the study is caffeine. Eliminate your caffeine intake after noon. Caffeine products include coffee, tea, chocolate, sodas, energy drinks to name a few.

6. Is there parking?
There is a well-lit free parking lot in front of the building.

7. Can my spouse/significant other stay with me?
You can bring your spouse/significant other by all means. However, they will not be able to stay for the test. 
Frequently Asked Questions

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